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Lenny (usually called Lenny the Binoculars) is actually a set of end up binoculars. He is applied as binoculars by the opposite toys in various circumstances and it is talkative when he warns the toys what he sees on his check out. Lenny does not converse in Toy Tale two, not like the main film, and his part is much more insignificant. Buzz utilizes Lenny to help keep look at on Woody during the situations on the lawn sale until Al McWhiggin of Al's Toy Barn steals Woody.

A darkish brown headless teddy bear can be viewed Along with the dolls. It is simply because Sid tortured Hannah's toys. However, she is able to Perform with them. "Marie Antoinette" might be a nickname (offered by Buzz), based on their own headlessness as an alternative to the particular title of one of the toys.

Mr. Spell is based on a preferred seventies Converse & Spell toy by Texas Instruments. He usually retains or has held seminars on various topics like "plastic corrosion awareness" and "what to do in the event you or Element of you is swallowed." He also reveals the text he is stating.

Robot would not appear in Toy Story 3. He was bought at lawn sale coupled with Snake and also the Other individuals, but he manufactured a cameo in the house video clips firstly in the movie.

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He became fascinated with Excitement during the middle of the movie when he sketched a portrait of him. Angered by this, Woody erased it. He evidently, like many of the toys, temporarily thinks Woody deliberately knocked Excitement out in the window; he can help Mr. Potato Head threaten Woody by sketching a hangman's noose.

Throughout Toy Tale three, he expresses excellent interest in theater arts As well as in the exact same respect, normally takes the artwork of position playing to be a Kid's toy quite severely. Buttercup refers to him sarcastically as "Baron von Shush" as a consequence of his routine of "shushing" the opposite toys once they crack character. Ahead of the film ends, he is observed walking and talking with Hamm. Throughout the credits, he plays Romeo, with one of many aliens enjoying Juliet.

He was bought in a lawn sale prior to Toy Story 3 along with Robotic, Bo Peep, Etch, Lenny and one other toys, but he manufactured two cameos in the home videos at the start with the movie.

The seat of that's the hellish Earth Z (standing for Xrghthung). In many media bordering the movie, his World is alleged for being termed Xrghthung. Nevertheless, mainly because This can be unpronounceable from the Tv set series it can be transformed to simply "Z." It really is not known whether or not Zurg rules over another worlds, but, if he does, they have got not been revealed. Planet Z evidently possesses wide sources and forces enabling Zurg to generally be a significant risk towards the Galactic Alliance. Despite currently being commonly gullible and bungling, Zurg is evidently remarkably smart, able to concoct sound army methods and Machiavellian evil schemes. Furthermore, he at times references stereotypes of common evil villains and intentionally violates them, displaying how aware he is of his similarity to them. Such as, when planning an enormous jail on World Z, he declines constructing an execution arena, for it basically "gives the captives extra time and energy to get absent." When he was developing a schematic for just a new base, he expressedly forbade for air vents that permit "hero-sized objects" in the Handle room. "And, could I remind you, no huge trash compactor! When heroes tumble in, they usually have sufficient time and energy to determine a means out. Allow it to be—an incinerator!"

He initially acts similar to a kind-hearted and sensible caretaker, but is inevitably discovered to become a ruthless prison warden, although his backstory will make him far more of a tragic villain.

He isn't found once more till Lotso has the toys cornered with the dumpster. Ken concerns Barbie's help by attempting to stop Lotso, acquiring recognized Barbie as a result of her idea of civics. Lotso tells Ken "you will find a hundred,000,000 identical to her", but Ken insists that for him, there's no one particular else like her, and wins again her affections.

" She chats on the net with "a dinosaur toy down the road" who goes from the title "Velocistar237." She gets to be most effective pals with Rex through the credits, participating in cooperatively on a computer.

Geri, an aged expert in toy restoration and maintenance with a website fully loaded toy restore kit, involves Al's apartment in Toy Tale two to fix Woody up in planning for his journey to Japan.

Twitch is usually a green "insectaloid warrior" action figure with a bug's head, orange eyes with ferocious chomping mandibles, wings, and two muscular arms. He is among the toy thugs working for Lotso. He helps to reprogram Excitement, and later on apprehends Andy's other toys. He keeps a research light working in the playground.

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